7 reasons why I fell in love with Medellin

7 reasons why I fell in love with Medellin Photo by: Julián David Escobar

As my time in Medellin comes to a close, I would like to pay respect to all the things I have be enamored by in this city. So here we have it, seven things I will miss most about Medellin.

1. My local tienda- Shoutout to my family at Juanjo Puntico in la Loma de los Bernal. There is something so special about Colombia and the relationship you build with the people you interact with daily.  There’s an Exito across the street, but why go there when you can support a small, family-run business that greets you with a friendly smile and treats you as if you’ve been a part of the neighborhood for years? They know I only like to drink Coca-Cola from a glass bottle. They give me recipes and are always anxious to know how they turn out. When I don’t stop by for a day or two, they wonder what I’ve been doing. 

2. My students- These kids have been really special in my life. Our relationship has extended beyond the classroom. I’ll miss them telling me about their love lives, their dreams, their opinions and views of the world. I’ll miss them teaching me parlache and making fun of when I act out words in English. I’ll miss them walking me home, or seeing them on the street when they all say in unison “ANNA!, HEY TEACHER”. I’ll miss their incredibly invasive questions about my love life and what I think about Colombian men.  I’ll miss how they always break out in song and dance or make jokes all across the room. They are animated and full of life. So, let’s pour one out for the homies.

3. The Paisa Accent- But for real, do I even need to explain this one? It’s cantando, playful, expressive and colorful.

4. All the green! Parque Arvi, the Botanical Garden, Cuidad de Rio- Surrounded by mountains, the city is filled with green spaces. There are so many places that are easily accessible to have a picnic, write in your journal, watch the slackliners, or escape the sounds of the city all within the city limits.

5. Frijoles- I’ve traveled all over South America and nothing compares to the beans here in Medellin. I would not complain if I ate calentado every day for breakfast for the rest of my life. Also, being a vegetarian, you latch onto the few things you can find that fit in your dietary restrictions. Who knows, maybe they are made with meat and that’s why they are so good. I told my friends at my local tienda about my love for the frijoles here, they gave me instructions to reproduce them at home. The results? Not the same. Los paisas make their frijoles magical.

6. The nightlife- The nightlife gets a spot on the list because coming from a 9-month salsa heavy stint in Cali, Medellin is much more my style. There is variety. There is an underground scene. You can find parties with the sounds of soul, funk, hip hop, reggae, dancehall, and electronic music, plus all the more traditional Colombian scenes- reggaeton, salsa, bachata and vallenato.

7. The cultural scene- You can find a variety of workshops, live music, free showings of movies, talks at the Universities. There are tons of Casa Cuturales and meet-ups of people that share your interests.

Although Medellin has so much more to offer than just this list, these are the things I’ve loved about the city. Without a doubt, I will be back.


Author: Anna Trautman  

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