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OBLEAS are a real Colombian treat! Mostly found inland, they consist of two thin, circular wafer cookies commonly glued together by arequipe, which is a type of dulce de leche spread found throughout Colombia.

2 Oblea

Chía, Colombia 

AGUAPANELA literally translates to “panela water.” Panela is a sweet substance that basically takes the form of hardened sugar cane. It is melted down with water to make sugar cane juice. Personally, I prefer aguapanela con limón or with lime, which is how I was taught to make it here in Cartagena by my host mom, Liz. Something about this drink bodes well in the heat, making the adjustment to this hot climate more comfortable for those who enjoy it. 

3 agua de panela

Blas de Lezo, Cartagena- Colombia 

I’m amazed how easily I’ve been able to eat KALE in Cartagena. It’s surprisingly accessible and affordable. Limes too. Every day I hear somebody passing by my house selling limones. Lemons, however, are not so easily found. In fact, I’m unsure of whether or not they even exist in Cartagena. I haven’t been able to find one and I’ve looked for them. Moreover, the word that Colombians use to refer to limes is “limones,” which translates to lemons in English. Given the situation, it seems like Colombia doesn’t have a word for yellow lemons.

4 kale

Blas de Lezo, Cartagena- Colombia 

MOTE DE QUESO is a traditional Colombian dish and a personal favorite of mine. Originally from the Atlantic Coast, it is typically made with queso costeño (which is notoriously salty), garlic, a bit of onion, and yam. 

5 mote de queso

Blas de Lezo, Cartagena- Colombia 

ARROZ CON COCO is delicious coconut rice that is really common on the Caribbean coast. This photo was taken at my birthday party where my host family and I prepared a traditional Colombian meal for our friends and family here.

6 arroz con coco

Blas de Lezo, Cartagena- Colombia 

 PEDIALYTE (in a Spanish accent) and AGUA CON GAS are true lifesavers and I’ve found them to be conveniently popular to come across while traveling in Colombia.

7 pedialyte

Medellín- Colombia

MEXICAN TACOS are really just that good.

8 tacos mexicanos

El Poblado, Medellín- Colombia

Allow me to present an excellent execution of my personal most favorite delicious juice drink, LIMONADA DE COCO. It’s served chilled and tastes to me like a guilt-free milkshake. 

9 limonada de coco

Isabella’s Coffee, Cartagena, Colombia

As we waited to find our way to the camp site at 3 in the morning, I had my very first taste of TINTO COLOMBIANO, which is really just black coffee with lots of sugar. I had my first and many more tintos during those two weeks at camp.

 10 tinto

 Soatá, Boyacá -Colombia

The coast has their own popular dulce constructed with arequipe, replacing lime flavor for coconut.

12 dulce de leche

El centro. Cartagena- Colombia 

It was much to my surprise to learn that foods with hot and spicy flavors are not really popular on the Colombian coast. Here’s a fantastic corriente (native to Cartagena) dish served with amazing (and FRESH) avocado and plantain chips.

13 corriente

La Mulata, Cartagena- Colombia 

This AREPA DE HUEVO is just as delectable as it looks. These bad boys are corn-based, deep fried, and also served with a few different types of yummy salsas. It’s not super common to find them made without meat however, so I’m grateful for the family across the street that has made them special for me just with egg.

14 arepa

Blas de Lezo, Cartagena- Colombia 


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