La ciudad perdida de Falan

I took a trip to the other lost city in Colombia. Not THE lost city, but another one that will still have you in awe. Falan is located in the department of Tolima, about a two hour bus ride from Ibague. There, you will hike through to find old Spanish gold mining ruins, caves, waterfalls, ponds for swimming, mango trees, guava trees, cacao trees, and even your own personal guide dog to lead you through. It was great to see and imagine how the Spaniards mined the gold. It was amazing to see some of the structures still in place after hundreds of years. There are caves and tunnels that you can explore, however I stayed far... far… far… away once I saw bats. Rabies, no thank you. Our guide dog led us to a few swimming ponds accompanied by a nice waterfall view. We enjoyed some lunch that we brought with us and relaxed for a while. It was about a 3 or 4 hour hike, depending on how long you spend at each pond. There’s a certain peace that you feel hiking through the jungle. The stillness of nature and the history that you’re walking on makes you appreciate being there. It makes you appreciate being in a different country, experiencing something that you never would have thought you would.








Author: Kryston Centis

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