Department: Programs

Job title: Programs' Director

About: Lina is responsible for directing two projects: Prosperity Makers, which aims to promote South - South cooperation by sending young Colombian volunteers to destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean for bilingualism and Local Development; and ELE - FEALAC Initiative that seeks to promote Spanish as a second language through scholarships to Colombian universities for people in East Asia. She is also responsible for supervising the correct execution of the rest of our programs. 

She has worked for over ten years in international cooperation, internationalization of education and building public-private partnerships. She has worked in various sectors such as education, job training and peace.

Lina is a political scientist specializing in international cooperation for development and gender studies.

Telephone: (57) 1 3910703
Headquarters: Carrera 71D Nº 124 – 61
Neighborhood: Niza Antiguo Bogotá DC.
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