Department: Operations

Job title: Obligations tracking of public-private agreements coordinator

About: Linda Juanita is doing the verification and follow-up to the fulfillment of obligations agreed between the Heart for Change Foundation and its public and private allies in the development of its projects. Before joining Heart for Change, Linda Juanita was working in different social and economic projects in Colombia, first in Antioquia Department in a regional program of agricultural production projects and food security between 2013 to December of 2014; then, with the Secretary of Education of Bogotá D.C. in the bilingual project during 2015; in the same year, she came to Heart for Change as a regional coordinator and national director’s assistant. During 2016 she was the processes and tracking coordinator of the English Teaching Fellowship Program with the Minister of Education. Linda Juanita studied International Business in Universidad de Medellín and currently is studying a specialization program of International Cooperation and Project Management for Development in Universidad Externado de Colombia in Bogotá D.C.

Telephone: (57) 1 3910703
Headquarters: Carrera 71D Nº 124 – 61
Neighborhood: Niza Antiguo Bogotá DC.
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