Department: APC Programs 

Job title: Logistics Coordinator 

About: Juan Carlos coordinates the logistics of the agreement with APC Colombia, guaranteeing an optimal execution of the activities inherent to the execution of the agreement and of the volunteers. Work in the National Service of Learning with the Directorate of Promotion and Corporate Relations of SENA, Advising the Direction and the regional of the SENA in subjects of investment, management and follow-up of the budget for the accomplishment of goals and to carry out the processes of commissions of officials, Contractors and others abroad. Juan carlos is a technologist in Accounting and Financial Management with experience in construction and execution of budgets, accounting, strategic planning and construction of indicators. Knowledge in public administration, contracting processes, application management and project execution. Capabilities for strategy implementation, negotiation and efficient resource management.

Telephone: (57) 1 3910703
Headquarters: Carrera 71D Nº 124 – 61
Neighborhood: Niza Antiguo Bogotá DC.
Email: info@heartforchange.org
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