The purpose of the Strengthen Bilingualism Program 2016 in the Tourism Sector is the development of tourism in Colombia through the reinforcement of bilingualism in different populations within the industry such as tour guides, service providers and others.

The focus is on strengthening the English skills of tourism service providers nationwide from this social investment made by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Heart for Change Foundation. As a result of this initiative, it seeks to improve the levels of a second language and enhancing this population’s professionalism in the tourism industry.

The program also seeks to impact professionals within the tourism sector who are ultimately motivated and knowledgeable about multiculturalism and are naturally able to build relationships with foreign volunteers with the end-goal of expanding knowledge, experience and cultural diversity by promoting a society with greater tolerance of difference.

It is intended that the training in English language skills, multicultural exchange and strengthening of the abilities of those who work in the tourism industry are carried out with the support of volunteers and experts that allow for better execution and quality of the issues to develop.

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